OS X won't start up on cube without a display connected


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i got a G4 cube and i've always used it without a monitor (i control it via timbuktu).
since i've upgraded to X it won't startup without a display connected. How can i fix it?
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OS X has issues with running "headless" servers (computers without monitors attatched). I think OS X Server can do this, but regular OS X won't.

Just another example of how closely Apple software and hardware are tied to each other...


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I was under the impression that the Xserve was the first Apple machine that would run OSX headless, but I could be wrong.

You can get something that will plug into your monitor out on the cube to run it headless - it fools the machine into thinking it has a montir attached. I can't find the link right now though. Will try and dig it out when I get back to work.


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OK, here goes.

Apparently the usual solution is to connect a Mac - VGA cable to your machine, which fools the box into think there's a monitor attached. Unfortunately this apparently doesn't work on Cubes :(

So, I found this which might be what you are after. Let us know how you get on - I'd like to try this myself when I track down a Cube at a decent price.


thank you again...i don't know if i can to catch one of that here in italy...
i got some vga adapters...i'll let you know if they work.