OS9 Trash?


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I use Hotline on my home system.

Both my home and work system are on osx 10.1 also running os9 2.1 as well.

My question is when I am within an os9 program and I trash an item, where does it go?

I noticed that my trash in osx isn't always getting items put into it when I command them to from an os9 program. I do notice the items have been moved. Both os9 and osx indicate that. But if the items are not going into osx's trash directory, are they going into os9's trash directory?

Is there a way for me to empty the os9 trash without having to boot up from os9?

Any informaiton on the subject would be appreciated.


OS 9 puts items moved to the trash into an invisible directory at the root level of the drive named "Trash" (not .trash, that is OS X's trash, and is located in the user's folder, unless it is for a second drive). Probably the easiest way to delete the files in this directory is to cd to it in the directory, and then type "rm filename" you can also use "rm -r *" to remove everything in the directory if there are multiple items, but if you issue this command in the wrong place you could end up deleting a lot of files you want to keep.

Hope this helps!