Osx 10.4.11 Log In/password Creation ... Help Please ...

Eve Hoshi


Can someone please help me a little ...

My OSX 10.4.11 system does not have any Help Files (they were removed
during installation, and I do not have the CD Rom).

I want to set a Log In and Password System to stop anyone else from using my computer,
but I can not find any information about this.

I have tried setting an "Admin Password" for my "Account" in the Systems Preferences,
but it still does not give me any Log In Sign/Password screen etc.

Can someone please perhaps upload the necessary Help Details that I need,
or tell me what to try next to do.

I would be very grateful for your help, as I really need to secure my computer right now.

Many thanks in advance,


Though since the forum look has changed this may not seem relevant. The Gurus need:

1. What Mac you have.
2. The specifics of your Mac: Ram/Hard Drive/Processor/et cetera.

See my signature--and many other poster's signatures. That information is very important. If you follow this:


it should give you what to post. Notice how old that is :oops: Anyways, the solution could be, depending on your machine, "hey, like, upgrade your Ram!" or "Upgrade your OS" or "sacrifice a virgin during the next Full Moon," though the last is usually only reserved for kernel panics. . . .


While Doctor X has kindly given you some help on how to use our forums with rather large images :rolleyes: ,

For your log in screen to show, go to System Preferences - the light switch in your dock. Select Users, then your account name. You should be the only one listed.
Next, click on Login Options. You do not want Automatic log in, nor do you want fast user switching (if that shows up).
Once you have that set, quit System Preferences and give it a trial run. You can select log out or shut down from the Apple Menu at the very top left.

Remember that you need to type in your password exactly how you entered it in the User control panel. Upper case and lower case makes a difference.

Dear Doctor X and Cheryl

Thank you both for your help.

Cheryl, The LOGIN Options will Not High light.
I can get past that point. Thank yo for trying..

Doctor X, here's the info you so colourfully and kindly asked for
(with really useful graphics by the way ... thanks).

Thanks for any further ideas you both may have.

bye for now

from Eve

Hardware Overview:
Processor 350

Machine Name: Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics)

Machine Model: PowerMac3,1

CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (2.6)

Number Of CPUs: 1

CPU Speed: 350 MHz

L2 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB

Memory: 320 MB

Bus Speed: 100 MHz

Boot ROM Version: 4.2.8f1

Serial Number: SG9476KLHM1

Cheryl, The LOGIN Options will Not High light.
I can get past that point. Thank yo for trying..

Here's your fix.
System Preferences, then the Accounts pref pane.
Unlock that pane by clicking the padlock (it will ask for your password.
Then you will be able to change the Login options.
I think you want to change Automatic Login, so that is disabled.
Restart, and you will see the login window that you want.
Dear Cheryl
You are great! ... It works perfectly now.

Thank You Both So Very Much for helping me so quickly.

I feel so much better knowing that my computer is now secure and private.

Have a Good Week Cheryl, and Thank You too JD ...

Best regards to you both,