OSX 10.4 install


I have a nice old G4 iBook with no os and a dead optical drive. I do have an OSX PPC 10.4 install disk, a Intel iMac and a portable HD. My question is can I reinstall 10.4 on the iBook with this setup and if so how?
Does your intel iMac have an optical drive?
If yes, you can install on the iBook, using the optical drive in the iMac.
Connect the two with a Firewire cable.
Start the iMac in Target disk Mode (Boot while holding the T key - you will see a floating firewire icon on the iMac screen)
Insert the Tiger installer DVD in the iMac drive.
Now, boot the iBook, holding the Option key. The Installer DVD should appear on the boot picker screen.
Choose the installer, then click the right facing arrow (or click the arrow under the DVD icon, depends on which Mac you have.
Now, it should boot to the Tiger installer. Choose the internal hard drive of the iBook for the destination, and install OS X!

This ALSO assumes that a hard drive, probably at least 15 years old, is still working.