Osx 10.4 Tiger And Printing to Epson Stylus 1270


Hmmm. Scary deadline and 'for reasons beyond our control' Epson Tech Support has closed down for the week – not that I have managed to reach a solution with Epson's help! I have a G5 Imac that seems to have issues printing postscript files. Well, at least it has all the symptoms when I print my Quark document: placed Illustrator eps, rotated tiffs, and images with cutting paths print 'low res' and/or with a coloured picture box.

I do have the latest available printer driver (according to Epson Tech Support). I also have as my default printer SP 1270(USB).

Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated!

What program are you printing from? Are the low-res EPS files desktop color separated, or are they a single file?

The Epson Stylus 1270 doesn't seem to be a PostScript printer, so it may have problems with raw PostScript data -- have you tried making a high-quality PDF out of the design first, then printing the PDF?

What version of Mac OS X are you using, and what version of whatever program you're trying to print out of are you using?
Thanks very much for your response...

I'm printing from Quark 6.5. The placed eps files are hi-res photoshop files (CMYK) as well as Illustrator vector files (also CMYK). No success with the PDF – the quality of the images looks precisely the same awful quality. Another reason I had thought it a postscript issue is because it printed beautifully when I sent the Quark file out to a bureau. All the Illustrator and Photoshop files also print out fine direct from the respective programs.

Oh – and Mac 10.4 Tiger. Any ideas?