OSX and bootable SCSI


I cant seem to get an answer from anyone, at least not a clear one. I have an old B&W G3 400Mhz with 512mb RAM which I use more for testing and such. My main box is my P4 box which is running SCSI U160 drives. I recently upgraded my boot drive from a 10k to a 15K. I wish to use that 18gig 10K drive in my G3 as a startup disk. What bootable SCSI controller is supported right out of the box by Panther? I'm thinking I can find something used on Ebay.

Thats the info I really need. Please nobody try and convince me that I dont need scsi and that IDE is just as fast. I dont care what benchmarks may say. I use it daily and I build IDE and SCSI systems and the difference is night and day. The only thing that will hang with SCSI is the Raptor series of SATA drives and even then, the 10K drive will hang with a 10K SCSI and not a 15K. Anyway that aside, anyone have experience running bootable SCSI in a G3/G4? I'm looking for a 32bit or 64bit PCI card and not a PCI Express or PCI-X card. I have an old 2940U2W sitting here but from what I understand, even if I got the mac roms for this card, its still not supported under OSX.

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It may be hard to find cards for that machine any place other than eBay, since Adapted (the main manufacturer of SCSI cards for Mac) dropped SCSI support for the Mac. They still sell the cards, but if I remember correctly, are not developing any new SCSI cards for the Mac.

Here's a list of their current offering of cards:

There's no mention of bootability on that page, but I don't see why they wouldn't support booting.