Osx And Vga Monitor


I have a Mac G4 (Quick Silver) and an older vga monitor from a pc. The monitor workes ok when I had OS 9 installed but, with upgrading to OSX (panther) the visual is gray, bitmaped and huge.
What is the deal why will the monitor be fine with system 9 but not osX? and what can I do to be able to use this monitor?
That's a tough question to answer -- we know nothing about the monitor!

Please elaborate. We need specifics about your setup, including what hardware you have and what software versions (OS, related applications, etc.) you're using. It would also help to post details about the situation and the procedures you took, and anything else you think might help us help you.
Is it truly a VGA-monitor, i.e. only able to display 640*480 at 256 colours? Or is it a multisynch capable monitor that can also show, say, 800*600? The applications should not matter, the OS version might, though. And, of course, the graphics card used.
'older vga monitor' , let me see ... a Sony Multiscan 500 PS?, no? ... a ViewSonic E90-4?, no? Ok, ok - I give up, and - what is the manufacturer and model number of the monitor?

Oh, and what are the resolutions viewable with System 9.x.x?
I really want to thank you all for your help. I decided to get a new video card and now all is well. So, this must have been the problem. I have tried the old card in another box and it is doing the same thing. AGAIN, THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!!!!