Osx/belkin 5 Port Usb Card Incompatibility.


I have a Power Mac G4 400 Mhz. I installed a Belkin 2.0 5 Port USB PCI Card. At the same time I changed out one of the memory sticks from 64mb/100mhz to a 128mb/100mhz memory stick. I then restarted my computer and it booted up fine, but if i open two or more programs the screen grays out and says that OSX has to shut down or restart. When it restarts, a window comes up and ask me to view or send the report to Apple or just click okay. So I copied the report which Im enclosing. I was able to open mac info and see that the memory was there and the USB Card was there. But now I cant even access that anymore. HELP! Please.....
Why are you posting this again?

We determined via private message that it was your new stick of RAM causing the problems. Take the 128MB stick of RAM out of your system, and it will function normally again, just like you did the first time around. Return the 128MB stick to the manufacturer/reseller for a refund or an exchange.

So I copied the report which Im enclosing.
I see no report enclosed here.

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