OSX Beta on Beige G3



I have a Beige G3 (233Mhz) 96MB of RAM. I was wondering if anybody else has success on installing OS X beta on this particular machine.

Thanks in Advance.
I am running DP4 on a Beige G3/300 desktop. These are
pretty much the same motherboards so you should have
no problem

But since I don't have the Beta yet, I can't say for sure.

A couple of recommendations:
1) get more RAM. 96 MB should be enough but in paged,
Virtual memory systems, more memory is always better.

2) make sure you have enough hard drive space. You'd
be surprised at the size hard drive you can get today
for about $200.

After you install OS X, remember to get some sleep.
(I stayed up all night playing with DP4 when I got it).


Some people got it to work, but not I. My beige G3 (upgrade to IBM copper 466, RevB ROMS, fast 20GB HD) simply wouldn't boot into X. Hopefully Beta1 will behave better.
I have tried installing DP4 several months ago on my Beige G3/233 (96MB RAM / 4 GB HD) to no avail. I'm not sure about the memory requirement though. It might need more RAM. After starting the installer from the DP4 CD, it says the machine will now reboot from the DP4 CD, but nothing seems to come up on my screen.

Now does the fact that I'm using a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card as my video board have anything to do with this ?

or the fact that I am running the CD from a Yamaha CDRW burner connected to my SCSI chain. My internal CD-ROM is bypassed and I can't be bothered to re-connect the cabling internally.
Both the Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card and the IBM 466 CPU card are "issues" at this point for DP4. But that is a 5 month old piece of very volatile work.

I don't know if they've been solved with Public Beta or they will be addressed when 1.0 ships. Only time will tell.

Apple has a LOT on its plate right now just getting Aqua "right" (accepted) and more Apple systems, upgrade cards, peripheral cards are sure to be supported by the time 1.0 ships.

In the meantime, hold tight. They are doing the best they can (no flames, please; if you've ever been on the firing line for delivering something, you'll know that this just doesn't happen overnight). Please be patient.

Jeff :)

As far as the G3 Beige's working with your upgrade CPU - I would venture a guess that these might work. Apple is really keeping the upgrades at bay with B1, however, since the G3 Beige is a ZIP upgrade, it might just work. Anyone?
I have a beige G3 300 desktop, upgraded with a copper 466Mhz ZIF that I bought from Other World earlier this year. 256MB Ram....

I have had no problem installing the beta at all (no problem with dp4 or dp3 either....). I even have dual monitors working just fine.

It's the voodoo card that is causing problems for you people. Try removing it and install with just the onboard ATI video....I suspect it will work just fine, provided you meet all the other install requirements (enough ram...don't try to install on a "slave" drive etc)
I have a beige G3 233. The motherboard was replaced and it is now a g3 266.

I was able to install OS X with no real problems at all.

It would not install at first due to my Voodoo card. So, I removed the card. All was fine after that.

Originally posted by astrodawg
I have a beige G3 233. The motherboard was replaced and it is now a g3 266.

I was able to install OS X with no real problems at all.

It would not install at first due to my Voodoo card. So, I removed the card. All was fine after that.

Did you have to remove the voodoo card for installation purposes or permanently. I ask because I just installed my Voodoo 5 card recentl;y and I'd like to keep it when I'm running boot OS 9.
I have a lab of Beige G3/300's 128Megs and one workstation 256Megs. DP4 would install fine on the lab machines but not on my workstation. The only difference on my workstation configuration is a different personality card I took off a Beige G3 233 to allow my machine to capture video. DP4 and the beta both won't install on this machine. I'm hoping by Wednesday to swap out the card and prove my theory. If anyone else has already tried this I'd love to here about it.

I was wrong. Personality card was not my problem. On my workstation I had the cdrom drive set up as a slave on the 1st ide bus. I moved it to master on the second bus and the machine booted into the osx installer. (original sympton: machine would continuously reboot at startup)
Received my Mac OS X PB within three days of order in the UK! Tried to install on Beige G3/333 with Formac ProFormance II graphics card, and each time the install hung.

Removed the Formac card, connected to built-in video and hey, presto! everything works but its dead slow cause I only have 2MB VRAM on the built-in video.
Well, I finally got mine last night. Got it installed, after I removed the Voodoo 5 card. Won't boot with it in. Also, I noticed I had no sound in and out. I have a personality card that has all the video and audio ins n outs. So that is a problem as well.

Also, I couldn't find on any ofg the system preferences, a control for slecting the audio source.
Let's see. Just spent a few bucks on the beta. A few more to upgrade the RAM to 128 Meg. Now I read that to be able to use OSX on my machine I need to partition the HD and make sure the HD has HFS formatting. The beta doesn't like my ATI card I've noted. Question: How much room does OSX need on the HD ?? Anything else I need to know before proceeding??


If you have a stock beige G3 (I do), the install is flawless. In my case, I partitioned into 3:

- Mac OS 9
- Mac OS X
- Data (applications, documents, utilities)

If you have modifications, here are my suggestions:

- Pull any third party video cards (voodoo, ixmicro, etc.)
If you have ATI it may work, but you may need to
disconnect the monitor

- Pull any SCSI cards you've added

- If you have added a disk, install on the original disk

- If you have a ZIF processor upgrade, it probably will
not work

- Install by starting up from the CD (use the "c" key),
and NOT by double-clicking the installer

Far and away the #1 cause of install problems in beige G3s are third-party additions.

Good luck!
Originally posted by fmalloy

- If you have a ZIF processor upgrade, it probably will
not work


I'd just like to comment that OSXb is working fine on my Rev A Beige G3 upgraded with a Formac ZIF 450MHz G3 Card.