OSX Beta on Beige G3


I've been trying to get OSX beta to install on my RevB beige G3/266. But when I restart with 'c' held on it whirs a bit, shows the happy Mac icon, then restarts.

But that's not all. It appears to play around inside my Mac so it doesn't see my 2nd HD any more. (Fixed this prob now though).

This happened to anyone else?

As a side note, it works on my brother's IDENTICAL machine,(Except he has 224MB instead of 128MB RAM).


the thing with holding down "c" and the machine just restarts happened to me aswell. I was just about to give up on it and I released c so that the system would boot OS9. to my surprise it booted OSX... try it. it may help.



Originally posted by Salim
...Removed the Formac card, connected to built-in video and hey, presto! everything works but its dead slow cause I only have 2MB VRAM on the built-in video.
put the formac card back in and boot up. if it works, shutdown and connect your monitor to the formac and reboot. might work!


Just out of interest. Does anyone know if upgrading the ROM version in your computer will allow OSX to install?

At XLR8 your Mac, I heard about some guys who had updated their ROMs to Rev C and wondered if this was actually possible and if any of you know how to do it.


DP4 installed fine on my G3/266 with 128m RAM, although the redraws were slow..

You can get 4meg of SGRAM for a beige G3 from The Chip Merchant for -cheap-, or at least a lot less expensive than MacWarehouse, etc. Made a big difference in DP4, we'll see on b1.. Part number 15550.0, $15.00. You have to search for it, they don't list it in their Apple or Memory sections.

Apple won't support the add'l video cards, they're going to leave it to the card manufacturers to create proper OS X drivers. I don't know offhand what Formac's commitment is, but at MacWorld in July, 3dfx publicly committed to supporting OS X...


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