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My coworker has a permanent ad for free gas in the upper left window of Internet Explorer. It says Click here to claim your FREE* year of gas!!. Once clicked, it goes to a page on everyfreegift.com. I'm not Mac user, but I'll try to provide the proper details: OSX 10.3.9 with Internet Explorer 5.2.3. IE isn't the main browser--she uses Safari most of the time. Here is a screenshot. Has anyone seen something like this? Where are Browser Helper Objects (BHO) for IE located in OSX? I haven't found anything on the internet about this.


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Well, that's simply a button, it seems. You can do those on your own if you want to. ;) ... I'd simply go to the browser's preferences for those buttons. I don't have IE on my Mac anymore, but I think I remember you can choose a standard button bar or put together your own... Find it in the menus somewhere...


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Yep -- you can fully customize IE's button bar, so as Fryke said, simple find the preferences/customization options for the button bar and get rid of it.


I right clicked on the toolbar and found the customize area. The ad isn't listed among the other buttons so I don't think that will work.


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Right click on IE in your applications folder and choose delete.

(just joking... partially)


Jason said:
Right click on IE in your applications folder and choose delete.

(just joking... partially)

That worked. No more button. Unfortunately we had to reinstall IE so we know what our web sites look like in that awful browser.


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I've never heard of Mac IE being hijacked. Interesting. I remember making buttons similar to that. No free gas, of course. I made buttons for a few favorite sites. Until I got smart and switched to a real browser.