OSX MacBook pro, bootcamp with windows xp?


I have a 2011 MacBook pro I just recently bought and I want to put windows on it for gaming. I don't have the laptop with me right now and I can't remember for sure, but will the next MacBook run windows xp through bootcamp with no problems?



No, the newer Macs with OS X 10.7 (Lion) require Win7 or newer to use with the Boot Camp Assistant.

The main problem with WinXP is that the Apple drivers for Windows XP do not support the newest Mac hardware.

There's some good info here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3176433
BUT - the newest Macs don't have driver support for Win7, unless you are quite good with finding missing drivers for Windows - and some are unlikely to exist, such as those for the multi-touch trackpad, etc, which is unique hardware for your MacBook Pro. The trackpad may work partly, anyway, or you could simply use an external USB mouse. There would be at least a couple of other driver issues which may not have solutions with WinXP
All of this is solved by using Win7, rather than WinXP