OSX native burner


1. Can i write dvd video using the native burner MacOSX provides?
2. Can i erase a dvdRW with this native burner
3. I dont see an app icon for it anywhere, where is it located?
ElDiabloConCaca said:
1. Yes. You must arrange the files and folder structure yourself, then burn using the UDF format, I believe.

U mean the Video/Audio TS folders? Just arrange them and im ready to burn?

It would be best to test this on some cheap media first, as I can't guarantee it'll work, but as for the video DVD specification, it requires only a properly organized VIDEO_TS (always uppercase, but some DVDs work even with lowercase names), proper disk title (no spaces, all uppercase), and for it to be in UDF format.

All of this can be done with the Finder and Disk Utility, I believe. I don't know if you can specify UDF format for disks with Disk Utility, but you can with Toast.

Here's a utility that might help in creating a proper disk:


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Sorry, but Disk Utility doesn't do UDF. But Unix does. DVDImager
executes a unix command to write a DVD in UDF video format.

And you might note that DVDImager is recommended for use
with iDVD. If you're thinking about copying a commercial DVD,
that's another matter entirely.
I have the VideoAudio TS folders ready from a pc app (dvd shrink), all i need is to write them to disk!
Use the link I posted above. If your VIDEO_TS folder is ready-to-go, then using DVDImager is the next-to-last step to getting a video DVD.

DVDImager will apparently make an ISO image in UDF format out of your VIDEO_TS folder, then it's just a matter of using Disk Utility to burn the ISO to a disk (even though you can't manually specify UDF format, Disk Utility respects the format of the disk image and will burn in the same format as the image).
DVDimager has worked really well for me. If it seems to be stuck the first time you use it. Force quit and start again. I know a few people have had this problem but it worked fine the second time.