OSX System Requirements


I have a question about the OSX system requirements. I work at a computer recycling center and I ran across a couple of Mac G4s (gigabit edition). They have 400 mhz processors, but I'm generally a PC person and I don't know about clock speeds in the PPC architecture. Is that sufficient to run OSX? What else is needed to run OSX Smoothly?


The processor is sufficient. You will need a 10 GB HD space as a bare minimum. The more, the better. I would recommend at least 512 MB RAM, but you can get by with slightly less. Again, the more, the better.
How many's a couple G4's? - I have a G3 iBook 500Mhz and Tiger runs well. With the G4 processor it'll run better than my G3 iBook because it has the Altivec Processor on it.
I have an iMac here, with a 400MHz G3 processor and 256MB of RAM and it runs Tiger like a trooper. It's slow, sure, but mostly because of memory; the processor handles things fine.

A G4, with an increased bus speed, will slaughter my iMac. For best results, get 512MB of RAM to start with (if you can afford more, get more). If you're right in that they're the Gigabit Ethernet models (available for sale from July 2000 to January 2001), they can take up to 2GB in OS X (1.5 in classic), and take min 125MHz PC100 3.3V unbuffered 8-byte non-parity 168-pin SDRAM.

For Mac-specific RAM (tested in OS X - Panther and Tiger don't really like poor-quality RAM), look at:
a related quetsion: somebody took out the video card and all the ram from the computer i'm trying to run it on, and I can't get anything to show up on the screen, even with a new video card. It boots up and the hard drive ticks and everything, and it even goes to sleep mode very nicely when I push the power button. However, no video card I try shows up. Anything I can do? Or should I just scrap it and start looking new?
Are you trying Macintosh-specific graphics cards? You cannot put any old PC graphics card in the Mac and expect it to work -- it has to have a Macintosh-specific ROM.