Osx Tiger Upgrade Shuts Down On Boot Up


I have recently upgraded a dual monitor mac G5 to OSX Tiger. The system is using an ADC splitter with two CPU channels. Channel 1 is configured with the dual monitor display and channel 2 uses the default sngle monitor. When I start the mac using dual display it shuts itself down when the desktop appears. Using the single monitor config it's fine. hope ths makes sense - any answers out there??

Hmmm... do any of those monitors have built-in USB hubs, possibly with USB devices connected to them? Try running the computer with only the keyboard and mouse connected to the USB ports of the computer, and see if that helps. USB devices/hubs are notorious for sleep/startup/shutdown problems.

Cheers for your reply. I am still having the same problem - checked all the USB solutions etc etc. I have updated the graphics card driver.
When I unplug the secondry monitor from the 'ADC OUT' plug on the ADC splitter the mac starts up fine.
Therefore.....it is definately the secondry monitor that is causing the problem.
I am totaly baffled by this one ???