"Out of Range" Error


I searched and couldn't find a suitable answer, so here it goes.

A brand new G5 out of the box is giving an "Out of Range" error on the monitor when ever you try to boot it up. MAC tech support has been little help. The furthest it's gotten is seeing the gray Apple and spinning gear. MAC TS advised (on different calls) starting in Safe Boot, resetting the PRAM, and I think one other thing. Regardless, none of those made it past the Apple and gears, if even that far. Once in a while the speakers will start to say "English" and cut off, but that's rare.

Any suggestions? This is for a someone who just got this directly from apple. The monitor works with a PC, so we know the monitor is not defective.

What is the monitor that you are trying to use? Is this monitor several years old? It may not have ANY resolutions that the Mac vid card will support?

Do you have another different monitor that you can try? You may be able to 'preset' the Displays settings to allow for some default setting on the display that you want to use.
The monitor is brand new. Here are the specs:

Soyo Dymond / 17-Inch / 1280 x 1024 / 16ms / Silver / LCD Monitor

Display Properties

Display Type
TFT Active Matrix LCD

Viewable Screen Size
17 inches

Display Area
13.3" x 10.6"

Display Colors
16.7 million


Vertical Refresh Rate
50 ~ 75Hz

Horizontal Frequency
30 ~ 80kHz

135 MHz


Input Video Signal
RGB Analog

Video Interface
15 pin D-Sub


Integrated active speakers

Optical Characteristics

Contrast Ratio

250 cd/m²

Response Time
16 ms

Resolution and Preset Modes

Maximum Resolution
1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz

Connections and Cables

15-pin D-sub

Physical Specifications

Cabinet Color

Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)
12.1" x 15.3" x 1.56"

Unit Weight
7.26 lbs.

Power Consumption

Relative Humidity
20% ~ 80%
If your video card has two DVI connectors, have you tried the DVI-VGA adapter on both vid card connectors?
Have you tried a different DVI-VGA adapter?

Another option would be to try direct through DVI, but your monitor does not appear to have that as an option?
We don't have another adapter available at this time. Working on finding someone who does. Have tried the adapter in both DVI slots with no performance difference. Concerned with whether it is just a configuration issue or if the G5 is bad out of the box.
An authorized service center, or Apple Store would be able to sort this out very quickly.
If you have a PC where you tried the monitor, do you also have a different monitor to try? Any VGA display should work, at least to verify video.