P800 Sync With Isync


i have a new computer with tiger having moved from windows.

I have a sonyericsson p800.

i have tried to sync with isync after having installed the isync agent v 1.0.1 on my phone.

the calender syncs with no issues

but i am unable to sync the contacts. I get an error. on my phone it says "program closed reason code USER Reason 11"

pls note that I am using bluetooth to sync

could you please help.


hi, not sure if this helps, but when i had my P800, i didnt use anything other than iSync and the phone. It worked great. ok so i couldnt send SMS from the address book, but otherwise i had no issues.
I use a K700i and haven't had to install any extra software for it to sync calendar and contacts with my computer. Your problem could be a result of installing the software on the phone.
Check this site for the complete list of compatible devices.
Please be aware that the P800, P900 and P910 are not standard Sony Ericsson phones, they use the Symbian Os.

The sync should work without additional software, but you wont be able to send SMS from the address book.

Also with my P800 the processes for calendar and phonebook needed to be running for a successful sync to occur :) so if you have Taskman for Symbian installed, dont kill those processes, they can be reactivated by opening the appropriate apps on your phone.