Package install?


Does anyone know off the top of their head if the OSX 10.4 Install CD is done through a "package" installer? I am going to be installing it on over 50 computers and want to know if I can upgrade through Apple Remote Desktop 2.2.

Thanks, Parke
ElDiabloConCaca said:
Yep -- first thing's first: make sure you have "over 50" licensed copies of Mac OS X.

Of course, I should have been more clear. Yes, I will have 50-60 licenses and usually we get a single cd and media cd.

So, I have 3 options as to how to deploy the computers. Individually upgrading, a package install (keeps the settings and what not) or netbooting 4 different computer install sets to different labs (kind of a pain).

I guess really its a difference of a week, but there are other things I will need to do (like configuring our server for the next year).

No, we get them in a bulk but type of thing. you get a discount with each copy but only one cd. Also the discount is dependent on how many you buy 100-500 or 1500-5000 etc.