Pages in Lion


I just started using Pages with Lion and I am getting very frustrated.

Is it possible to save a pages doc then go back and continue to work on it. So far every time I save a document it can not be changed. I have changed the setting in time machine so it does not auto save documents.

Pages seems to quit on me very often then any changes are lost.

Does mountain lion deal with this problem?

I want save as back and I want to be able to save and then reopen and work on the document.



You are frustrated because you are trying to use Pages inappropriately. Pages is not Word and does not support its formats natively. The Apple word processor includes conversion filters that allow it to open Word documents and to save them. This is not the same thing as native support and cannot treated as such. If your primary need is to edit and share Word documents, then you should purchase Word. Reserve Pages for those times when you don't need to share your documents with Word users.


"doc" is also a well known abbreviation for "document" which is a synonym for "file" in Mac OS X and elsewhere.


Only because of its association with the Word .doc extension. Quite frankly, you will have to look long and hard to find a reference to "doc" files that do not refer to Word files.


It didn't take too long and it wasn't hard to find the reference in the original post of this thread: a pages doc.


Wow, what happened here?

Getting back on task:
Seems that the OP is _really_ struggling with Save As (or the lack there of) in Lion, and is mostly disturbed about using Save As with Pages. And, of course, there's piles of threads, and other articles concerning this, and the OP is hoping against hope that it will be easier with Mountain Lion, eh?
Does that break it down, without the "disturbing" use of the term "doc"?

I hope I _can_ refer to a Pages file as a 'doc' or a "document" (which it is)
I'm thinking that Microsoft does not have a lock on the word "document"
I would submit that a Pages file is, in fact, a document (or a doc). What say you?