Palm Compatible with Mavericks?

Fredrik King

Is there any Palm or similar handheld organizer out there that is compatible with the iMac using Mavericks? I'm getting the impression that PDAs are simply not usable with Mac, which strikes me as monumentally moronic. Sparrowhawk


iPhone, iPad, iPod?

Palm has been out of business for quite awhile, as have all PDA's that I know of.


Yes, I often wonder why all those companies abandoned the prime market that included PDAs :D
Must be somehow related to all those smartphones, and then tablets, I'm guessing.

Palm (then HP) pretty much ignored Apple for their hardware for anything after Leopard (OS X 10.5.8)

Along with SGilbert, I would think that the iOS devices are a good choice, and those claim to be usable with the Mac :D
Those iOS devices have many more capabilities than the older PDAs.

Time to move on, eh?


Chmod 760
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Even Newtons still have some cool features the current iToys don't, yet... instead of going thru all the hassles trying to get it work (or to find battery replacements) it'll just be a cool piece of history on display. And the iPhone and iPad will have all the contacts and skypes and whatnot.

Doctor X


As Resident Luddite--"In MY Day, You Wanted to Listen to Music, You had to REWIND!!11!"--I held onto a Palm for quite some time. I was very angry when Palm "refused" to support "OS 10"--"what is this strange thing? OS 9 is good enough!"--and there were various "patches."

This was back before This Place Existed methinks.

Then . . . everything you needed became available only on these "iPod Things!" "iTunes? That is slow and crashes! I will just play music from my Toast rip! What?"

Of course, all of that was all "Power PC." Once I moved on to Intel Macbook I received the official error message: "Sorry, son. That is incompatible with this processor. Also, consider upgrading your VHS to DVD. We have also invented power stearing. Oh, and 'brown' is not a color."

Now get off my lawn!



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We are showing our age when we talk about those older technology items. I didn’t keep my old PDA, just like I didn’t keep my ooolllldddd powerbook (the one that had floppies running System 7). You just can’t predict when or if these older items become vintage or junk.

Since there is no support for those older items, you will have to decide if you want to store them for the vintage sake (take the batteries out), or junk them.

Ah - I remember Laser disk player (couldn’t record but had a fantastic picture quality), VHS, Cassette tape, 8 Track (didn’t live long), LP and 45’s.


Let me count: I still have Palm 515, Sony Beta, Apple IIc, Apple 'pizza box', 8 track player, CB radio, and a bag phone. Think Gazelle will give me anything?