parallels desktop 8



trying to install it on my mac.. put a cd r in the drive to write it on a disc but didnt work.. how can i install it?


There's a bunch of tutorials that can help you, at the Parallels web site:
Look for "How to install PD8"... :D

Are you using the Parallels installer DVD for the install, or did you download the installer from parallels?
What exactly is stopping the Parallels install? Are you getting an error message of some kind?
You DO have OS X 10.6.8 or higher, correct?

Parallels does very little by itself (and does NOT come with another operating system), so you would also be installing another operating system, such as Windows, or Linux, or one of the other dozens of operating systems that Parallels supports.
If you want to install Windows, you will need to purchase that, too. Some of the other operating systems, Liinux, etc, are free for you to use, but Windows is not free.
Which other operating system do you want to use? You can add more, but you do need at least one operating system for the Parallels setup, such as those in the list of supported guest systems, under system requirements on this page:
hey.. yep i do have the mac version newer than that one.. is it better to install windows first then parralels? i want to use windows
Follow the tutorials. I think you can find your answer there.

You COULD install Windows, without needing Parallels at all - using the Boot Camp utility (that's in your Utilities folder!...)
However, you would then have to restart each time you want to use Windows, then restart your Mac again to go back into OSX.
Parallels allows you to run your Windows apps without having to restart, so it's mostly a convenient solution.

Boot Camp is also quite restrictive about the Windows versions that you can use.

Parallels supports a huge windows range, from MSDOS to Win8.
How much RAM is installed in your MacBook? Parallels recommends a minimum of 4GB memory, if you want to run Windows 7, or if your host OS is Lion. I'm sure Win 8 will like that much, or more.
(Don't forget that when using Parallels with Windows, you are running TWO operating systems at the same time. That process will want to use significant system resources (that means lots of RAM, and your processor will likely be quite busy, too!)

You did say in your first post that you couldn't get Parallels to work.
What did you mean by that?

Would you say that parallels is easy to install?
Yes - just follow the instructions, and watch the videos linked on their site (if you need to)

If you have not yet purchased Windows 8, be sure to purchase a full install, and NOT an upgrade install.
I've been running Parallels for a long time. I have the latest version running on this laptop. Laptop is running Mountain Lion. I installed Parallels from the Parallels disc. It installed just like any other application.

To install Windows (I have a version of Vista which is all I need for the legacy stuff I'm running) I opened Parallels and ran the install within that. There are basic instructions. Parallels installs. Then you wait and Parallels Tools will install. If you don't wait for the Parallels Tools to install, the thing won't work properly.
oh great. so you have experience within the field.. it currently says on parallels.. unable to start the virtual machine because one or more kernal components are for another version of parallels desktop
Try searching for your error at the parallels support site.

Basically, you need to uninstall Parallels completely, including all traces of any older versions of Parallels that you have installed in the past. The article explains how to do that. Once that removal is complete, reinstall the version 8 that you want to use.
tried to do that.. now got this issue with windows: i tried to make some virtual machines .. it says when i try to load up windows: Unable to connect CD/DVD 1.

A file or device required for the operation of CD/DVD 1 does not exist or is used by another process, or you have no permission to access it. The virtual machine will continue running, but the device will be disconnected.

what can i do?