parent control latest iOS iPad Air 2


I'm looking for parent control app to limit Google search for my kid.
For example in YouTube I set restrictions which gives app settings.

Does it exist app which collects activities logs of all app and send it via email or to Cloud server where I can retrieve it when I suspect strange activity?


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I wouldn’t use an app because kids will eventually break it! I would get an account with OpenDNS that he/she would have to be an expert to find the settings!

Lovely K

I suggest not to use an app because kids would eventually learn about it. It is better to setup your Parental Controls within the Settings of your Apple devices. Just click on the Apple icon on your Mac's screen, System Preferences, then click Parental Controls. Manage the settings then click Enable Parental Controls. Hope this info helps you to keep your kids safe while they surf, work, and play.


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Apple ID is mainly used for the App Store. Do you want your child to access that? Remember that not all Apps (games, etc) are free.

I suggest you have two users on the iPad. You as owner with Apple ID, and the second - the child - with parental controls. If or when the child wants a specific app, they need your permission and you get to check it out before downloading.

As long as one user has an Apple ID for updates, etc, the other users do not.