Partition not showing how many GBs are free


I have the option enabled for my desktop to show the amount of space on a drive/partition. It works fine for all but one partition which is over 200 GBs and it doesn't show how many GBs are free like the others do. Does anyone how to fix this?
Nope....I don't think that's it. I have one that's named System which shows the total/free, but the one that's the problem is shorter and is named Files.
Hmmm... can you try changing the font size to a lower size, as well as messing around with the orientation of the text?

I'm thinking that the text may just be too long to be displayed, and Mac OS X is "cutting it off" in a aesthetically pleasing way (or something like that).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is probably perfectly normal -- since the size is 5 digits long, and the free space could also potentially be 5 digits long that it may just be too long a string of text to display, so the system is simply showing the size of the hard drive instead of the size and free space...
I tried changing the icon size to the max then setting the font size to 10pt and it still didn't display even though there was a lot of extra room the to right of the text. Any other ideas? :)
Hmmm... howabout both icon size and text size to the minimum possible?

Also, how much free space is on that drive? Any chance you could get it down to under 100GB and see if it's the number of digits that's preventing the display? I've got a 120GB drive, and it displays fine -- except I have less than 100GB left, so there's not as many digits as yours...