Partition won't mount!


I recently ran through Norton Disk Doctor and Speed Disk on all of my partitions. I have 6 partitions on my 200Gb drive. Now I noticed that 3 of the partitions are gone off of my desktop. It looks like they've been unmounted. The problem is I've restarted the computer and tried mounting them with Disk Utility but nothing happens. Everything seems to check out though, ie. they're still there and all the data is still on them, I just can't seem to get them mounted again. Anyone have any suggestions?
Ouch. Keep Norton's products far, far away from your system. All Norton products (except AntiVirus) for Mac OS X have been discontinued, and have been known to cause major problems with Mac OS X systems.

Try doing a "Repair Disk" on those partitons/devices using Disk Utility and see if it finds problems with those drives.
Mistake 1: Having partitions at all. This isn't Windows.

Mistake 2: Using Norton on OSX. This isn't Windows.
OK...So I'm never using Norton again. But how do I go about fixing the problem. I have run "Repair Disk" using Disk Utility and nothing seems to be wrong. Can I use the terminal to manually mount them?
Use Disk Utility to mount the partitions. If after that they don't show up on the desktop, navigate to the /Volumes/ directory with the Terminal and see if they're listed there, and whether or not you can access them that way.

If so, then something has gone haywire with either a) the mount information on the drive, or b) the OS trying to mount the drives and failing.