I'm preparing for the final installation of Mac OS X. Right now I have an iMac with a 3,9GB OS 9 partition and a 2,4GB OS X PB. I'm running out of space, so I'm going to buy a 20GB from a friend and replace the current drive.

I'm definently going to have seperate partitions for OS X and OS 9. The question is only: how to partition.

50/50? 25/75? I imagine I'll work more in OS 9 than in X at first, progressively moving over as more applications come. But having partitions do create problems. Right now, the OS 9 is full and there's space in OS X, so I have to save some of my documents/apps there (which makes organizing more difficult). What if I had a small (~500MB) partition for the OS 9 system, and let the OS X system and all the applications go on another. I could still boot into OS 9 and access all my apps and documents. Or is it better to have the native programs on its own system?
I.m trying to figure out the best solution also, I've e-mailedd a couple of people who hopefully will reply with what they think the best course to take is. I will post their expert oppinions if they reply. The Following is the email I sent. While this is the exact opposite to answering your question it may stimulate the discussion boards a bit..;./


I have been trying to figure out how I’m going to structure my hard drive for X.
I am planning on re-initializing my 20GB Maxtor drive so as to minimize fragmentation over time and to use the disk as efficiently as possible.

So far I plan to create separate partitions (in order) for 9.1, 10.0, Virtual PC, Scratch, Applications, Misc./Docs.

Do I need to separate classic apps’ from the X apps. and will I create a problem with the way X sets up the file structure with User/Documents/Apps/etc.

Do I need to separate the Apps some how (folder or partition). Would I need to manually create an alias to the app partition (am I even allowed to do that), or can I just designate the partition for /my apps..

I hope I’m making sense. Maybe I could just do 3 partitions, 9.1, 10.0, everything else. Truth be told I have looked everywhere for the answers to my questions for the last couple of weeks to no avail... Documentation is hard to come by on this new system,......and now I find myself at your doorstep hours away from OS X ...

Right now I’m using 16GB of a 20GB partition on a rev. A Blue and White 350G3, 576MB of Ram with 9.1. I want to have X closer to the outside of the drive spindle in-order to be able to use all my drive can give her/him/it.

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The PB needed to have OS X installed in the first 8GB of the 1st partition of your drive. From what I've read so far, that seems to also be the case for the retail OS X 10.0.

So just make sure the first partition on your drive is 8GB or less. You can put OS 9.x there, or on another partition...