PB 12"



so, im about to buy a Powerbook 12", but the thing is, im doubtful if i should save money and choose the Combo and maybe later buy more RAM (512MB or even 1GB) or rather spend 200 more Euros and bring a Superdrive and +20Gb.

Btw, im already waiting for 1 month for my PB Combo that is on its way... but now im with doubts about that :D

any suggestions?

If I were to get a PowerBook 12" and did plan on upgrading it in the future, I would consider the options in this order from the Apple Store:

1) I would consider the hard drive -- I want a lot of storage on-the-go and don't want to run out of room. Maximize first and foremost.
2) I would consider the optical drive -- will I ever want or need the ability to burn a DVD-R on-the-go? Do I have an alternate computer, like a PowerMac/iMac/eMac, that I can burn a DVD-R on?
3) Bluetooth/AiPort -- seems almost a necessity these days to at least have WiFi connectivity for hotspots, college campuses and other wireless networks. Bluetooth definitely if you ever plan on having some sort of Bluetooth-enabled phone or PDA.
4) Screen size -- should I go with a stripped-down 15" rather than a souped-up 12"? The 15" also has a PC-card slot among other little upgrades.
5) RAM -- I can always get RAM cheaper elsewhere.

If you were to have to upgrade anything in the future, I would suggest leaving only RAM as the upgrade path -- get the SuperDrive pre-installed, as they're still costly aftermarket and difficult to install. Hard drives may be cheaper aftermarket, but they're still a little taxing to install. RAM is easy as pie to install and can definitely be had cheaper than Apple's store.
this PB would be my first mac so... to answer some of your points, i do have a A64 PC with DVD recorder, i have wireless access to the internet in my house and in my university campus... so i choose 12" because its high mobility.. im really considering the maxed out HDD and Superdrive... but paying 200euros for those... im not so sure, not because i cant pay it, but it's hard to give more that 1415euros for the Combo version!