Em, is there any project for MacOSX, which runs on a simple PC machine???
I've no just to buy me a PowerBookG4 or anything other, but I have a realy fast Computer.
Athlon 1400MHz, 256DDR, 40GB Harddrive, etc.

Come on.
Apple could be start a PC project

Do you know anything about???

I think thats a great idea. Program an OS X for the PC. PC people would get familiar with the Mac operating system and realize what they have been missing. They might even buy a Macintosh because of that fact. It could mean more sales for Apple!

Don't know what Microsoft might think of it though...

I finaly want to have a PowerMac G4 or anything other Mac to feel the New MacOS X, but it's very strong to get a PowerMac.
Much money, much time much nerves!

I use WindowsXP and I hate it!
But I have no choice - Windows is the premiere place for Desktop PCs and Linux is not interesting for me - no good programs and I don' want to have any WindowsLook OS!

It's strong!

Thanks to your answer...
Go get the "Darwin" ISO-9660 disk images from Apple.com's developer section and load them on your PC. It's basically the UNIX underpinnings of OS X without the graphical interface...
Well, Mac addict ran an article about switching over to the x-windows system from within OS X, saying it was sort of a GUI built into Darwin or UNIX. Is this GUI a part of the Darwin, just latent? COuld we figure out how to run the x-windows system on PCs? I mean it wouldn't be aqua, but perhaps we could coax a PC or two into running a Mac App or two and make some headlines...

Let me know if I am a ignorant fool or if I may be onto something...