Pdf Color Issues


I am experiencing a color difference when I create a PDF using Acrobat Distiller and when I export to PDF in QuarkXpress.
These are 4 color process files and the PDF created with Distiller has a much better color quality than the PDF created with QuarkXpress. Is there a reason why this is? Are there specific settings in Quark that will give me the same quality as using Distiller?


U.S.D.A. Prime
What PDF presets are you using? Are all the settings for the PDF file in Quark (color space, resolution, etc.) identical to the settings in Distiller?


Tech-Bot 5000
Export and RIP to PDF/X-1a and see if the colors are more consistent.

Quark is notorious for distorting colors, especially pantone colors from different types of documents.

Could you provide some more information about your placed images in Quark? Do you have any Illustrators with placed graphics in them, placed in Quark?