Perspective for new visitors to this board


Having noticed that there are a lot of newcomers on this board tonight I wanted to say the following.

Most of the existing comments to this board reflect users concerns with the public beta version of OS X or leaked developer releases and do not reflect the actual state of the release version of OS X. Do not base any conclusions on what you read here until next week when we will have actual comments by actual users of the new operating system.

I personally hope the owners/moderators of this site will archive all the current discussions under a separate searchable archive and allow this forum to begin anew at 12:00 am saturday morning (Australia or NZ time) so as not to confuse people with OS X info concerning the PB or developer builds when they are looking for info on the real release version.


You should certainly archive the current postings. While they may still have some good info they also have outdated info. Archiving is the best solution.