Pesky Vista/OSX Networking Problem


Hi all,

Got a new spin on an old problem here:

Have a G4 Powerbook (OSX 10.3.9) and a PC w/Vista (Home Premium) networked through a Linksys router.

The Mac can see the Vista PC fine. I can log in and see all shares and do all the stuff we love to do. Internet connectivity for both comps is fine, as well as accessing the networked printer.

The PC, however, cannot log into the Mac. When you go to the Network, you see an "empty share". In otherwords, there is a blank network icon. When you click it, it gives you "\\ is not accessible. You might not have permission blah blah blah...The Parameter is Incorrect". This icon seems to be related to the Mac, since it disappears when I shut off the Mac or remove it from the network.

I did the registry edit mod (3 to 1), installed Bonjour, and no effect.

Any ideas?



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I assumed on the Mac you enabled Windows File Sharing on you Mac and also let it through the built in Firewall, right?

Also take a look at SharePoints for more control over sharing to PCs. Plus make Windows be able to to see and read and right to a Mac HFS+ drive (just like any other native drive) install HFS Explorer on the Windows box (or the more polished shareware MacDrive).


Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses. After all the fiddling with software and such for 2 days, I rebooted the router and fixed everything.

I don't mind the hard's the easy ones that work AFTER you've tried the hard answers that stink <G>....

Thanks again all!