how do i put pictures from my computor to my facebook? computor is
a MAC OS X..... version 10.4.11.....and its a G5.....i have the pictures on my computor and into iphoto...but i dont know how to put them on my facebook
thanks for any help...


U.S.D.A. Prime
Newer versions of iPhoto have a "Facebook" button (and some other social networking/photo sharing links) in the lower right-hand corner of the application window.

If you don't see those there, from the "View" menu, select "Show in Toolbar > Facebook".

If you don't see these options or the menu layout is different, you may have an earlier version of iPhoto that doesn't have this capability. In this case, you can simply drag photos from iPhoto to your desktop, then log on to Facebook via a web browser and upload photos from within Facebook.


well you did it again..... thank you so much.....i knew you could help me you
always there anything you dont know about a thank you again... it worked fine...i had to do the last part ...drag it from my desk top..
but i did it.....cleo