Pinning dock in 10.1


Does anybody know what to put into the dock preferences file ( to force the dock to pin to one side of the screen? Apparently if you already had it pinned before upgrading to 10.1 it keeps the setting, but if you had it set to middle before upgrading, 10.1 throws out the preferences info.
Not posative, but I think its:
defaults write pinning = left
or right or middle or whatever. Haven't tried it yet.. I'm lazy at 3am!

Try backing up your, and running DockLock, which patches the dock and provides a gui for dock orientation. I think docklock is avaliable at
In 10.1 you can pin the dock from the Dock preferences panel or control-clicking on the Dock and using the popup settings menu. If these aren't working in your copy of 10.1 then you have a technical problem.
No you don't - the Dock prefs or the contextual menu only have options for the orientation (on bottom of screen, on left side of screen, or on right side of screen), and doesn't have any options for the pinning.

The defaults command will work, though (without that = sign)

defaults write pinning <i>(start, center, end)</i>

Pick one of those.

Thanks that worked perfectly.


I couldn't get Docking Maneuvers to work in 10.1, can you?
Orientation just says what side of the screen you have the dock on, such as left, bottom, or right. The pinning tells where on that side of the screen to put it, either top, centered, or bottom (for left and right orientations), or left, center, or right for the bottom orientation.

Since Apple has now included the ability to change the orientation, it is somewhat odd that they don't also include pinning. There seem to be some display problems with changing the pinning, and so this may be why.
At Freerange Mac:

The latest version of transparent dock (which has been updated for 10.1 - BTW... have already run it myself) has options to add Pinning, a "Quit Dock" feature, etc. into the context menus for the dock alongside Apple's options for Orientation - quite smooth.
Oooh, good, was looking for something to make the Dock transparent again. VersionTracker was only listing one of the older TransparentDock releases yesterday when I checked. don't need any additional software with the 10.1 Dock to change the pinning. The defaults command works without any hacks made to it. 'Course if you want a menu for it, you'll still need to hack that in.
Hmm, it worked fine for me just ten mins ago. Did you grab the 1.1b9 one? The older one I was trying out kept telling me the Finder couldn't handly types of this class - whatever the heck that one meant. Heh

Um, maybe try deleting it's pref file (HOME_DIR/Library/Preferences/TransparentDock.plist) - maybe an old setting in that is messing things up.
Yup, used the latest version. And I just did a wipe-and-install of the full version of 10.1, so there was no transparentdock.plist file.
Oh, well, I'll try again with the next version...:confused:
Hmm...did you download one of those two scripting additions the read me talks about? Maybe that would make a difference. I have the system.osax one. I didn't wipe my drive clean before I installed 10.1, so heck if I know what may or may not be different between our setups that allow the script to run for me and not for you.
I do have system.osax in /Library/ScriptingAdditions. But right now, I do not have Developer tools installed. Could that be the cause of my problem?
Hmm, I don't know. I do have the dev tools installed - I bought the retail version of 10.1 instead of getting the upgrade just so I could get the new dev tools. Heh

Perhaps that's the reason, but I don't know for sure.