Pinning dock in 10.1


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There's a new version of TransparentDock out. And this may be your problem:


Oct 1, 2001

  Please note: For all those seeing the "The application TransparentDock has unexpectedly quit...", some brilliant detective work - thanks Roy! revealed that some third party OS X extensions may be incompatible with AppleScript in OS X 10.1. Specifically, AppleScripts will not run if the Toast file "ToastVideoCDSupport.component" is in its home in /Library/Quicktime (if you happen to be using Toast). Simply removing the file allowed the script to run. I'm looking into other possible incompatibilities... thanks :) And Ken, please drop me an email with some more info on when the error occurs in the script - I've never seen that one before, but I'd like to iron it out.
(That's from the VersionTracker comments about TransparentDock)


I don't know if this is a feature of Internet Explorer or of the OS, but if you have IE covering the entire screen (left to right at least) and your dock is on the bottom, changing the orientation to left or right resizes the explorer window to not overlap the dock. It will also move the window if you orient the dock from one side to the other. Pretty slick. Too bad it doesn't do it when the dock is on the bottom - or when pressing the Maximize button. Oh well, can't have everything good at once.


This will add an extra selection to the menu that comes up when you control click on the dock. I apologize for the funky spacing in the given xml below; the vB code wasn't being especially nice to me.

From the terminal:

1. SU yourself.
2. pico /System/Library/CoreServices/
3. In that file, look for the text

< dict>
                        < key>command< /key>
                        < integer>1029< /integer >
                        < key>name< /key >
                        < string>Minimize using< /string >
                        < key>sub< /key >
                        < array>
Just above the opening < dict> tag, paste this in:

 <dict >
            < key >menu</key >
            < integer >1014< /integer >
            < key >name< /key >
            < string >Pin< /string >
            < key >sub< /key >
            < array >
                < dict >
                    < key >command< /key >
                    < integer >1020< /integer >
                    < key >name< /key >
                    < string >Start< /string >
                < /dict >
                < dict >
                    < key >command< /key >
                    < integer >1021< /integer >
                    < key >name< /key >
                    < string >Center< /string >
                < /dict >
                < dict >
                    < key >command< /key >
                    < integer >1022< /integer >
                    < key >name< /key >
                    < string >End< /string >
                < /dict >
            < /array >
        < /dict  >
4. Either log out and back in, or kill the dock from the terminal. When it comes back up, you'll have another menu selection that will allow you to set pinning.