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I got a bit of a puzzler here . . .

I bought the Pioneer A09 (DL DVD Cooker) instead of the 109. Everytime I restart my machine, the tray pops out.

As a temporary workaround, I just eject the tray (If I remember to) before restarting. Then, when the computer restarts, it pops back in instead.

I recently installed a 109 in my father's computer--he does not have the same issue as me.

Should I have purchased the 109 instead? The A09 functions fine otherwise (patchburn helps for that).

I have it installed in my:
G4 MDD 1.25GHz. I also have a CD burner in the second bay, and it's never offered up any trouble, and continues to function normally.

Is there a permanent fix for my A09 problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.


PS: I am, of course talking internal, not external (as in firewire).

Searching on that page for "optical" reveals that some people experience this when they've got USB devices (other than the stock keyboard and mouse) connected to their computer. If you've got any external devices (USB or FireWire), try unplugging them and see if the problem persists.
I found the problem:
On DVR-A09 XL's, the eject button is round (see the enclosed picture). On most optical drives, the eject button is skinny and rectangular. On my MDD (and I suspect this might be the same on a few other models), the round eject button was permanently depressed when I mounted the drive in it's cage. This was made worse by the fact that the bezel is thicker at the bottom, further protruding the button (thus insuring it would remain permanently depressed).

On just plain old DVR-109 models, they use the nice rectangular button--no prob with most machines!

So on my DVR-A09 XL (B), I pulled the front bezel off, and removed the button assembly. Problem solved! Works great, as it should, and with patchburn and Toast 7, it is natively supported in all burn functions.

Hope this helps someone else!


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