Pismo too hot?


My Pismo 500 hangs after 15 minutes the processor is hot the fan does not run. Everything works great in Tiger, no matter what program is running it hangs.

The rubber feets were gone and worn down to nothing so I figured I just lift it up a little a couple of millimetres, then is runs for an hour then freezes...

Someone recognize this?

I´ve switched to other memory cards - same problem-
I also tred another fan but this fan did not either.
It sounds like the internal fan may have died, and you do need a working fan for the computer to be able to ventilate properly. Common symptoms of an overheating processor are spontaneous shutdowns, freezing, and kernel panics.

It'd be best to get the fan looked at, IMO.
It may not be a hardware problem, then... have you tried creating a new user and seeing if the problems persist under that new user account?
Finder and 100%+ of the CPU, its a common problem with older accounts. Try what ElDiablo said by creating a new user account. This was a major problem for OS X 10.3.7 or 8 I think it was. Finder would run at 100% and things would freeze, hang, and just be darn slow.