Please, help me recover files!


i have been a mac user since 1985, but this is the most serious thing that has EVER happened. I have been working for three weeks on a big project that is supposed to be printed in a week.
fooling around in automator i must have, by accident, put my whole projec folder in the trash, and when i was emptying the trash (to get rid of a few textdocuments i just put there, i noticed that it started to delete over 680 items, so i quickly pressed Stop! but to late.
some very imported files were gone. i have not touched the computer since, just writing this post.

any terminal code or application i can use to get m files back before they are overwritten?

please, help me.
Stop using your computer immediately. The more you use it, the higher the chance that the files will be overwritten with new data, making recovery impossible... even during seemingly non-disk intensive tasks such as surfing the web, temporary files and system files are being read and written to the disk -- a bad thing if you're trying to recover recently deleted items.

Using another computer, download Data Rescue:

You can only recover a limited number of files with the trial version, then it's up to you to decide if the lost data is worth the software price.

I hope that helps!
didn't help, though.
Data Rescue was the first thing i tried, but i guess i was to late. Couldnt find anything. this job was suppossed to give me a lot of opportunities for other jobs (kind of like a big test from the employer to see if i could do it). feel almost naseaus now when i think of all nights i will have to sit up working now. this is my holiday. :(
i should have done the whole backup routine more often, but after 20 years of no problems i got lazy.
Yeah, I'm sorry to hear about that... I've been in similar situations where lack of a backup came back and bit me hard.

Did you do the "Thorough Scan" with Data Rescue? The quickscan rarely finds anything useful... the thorough scan takes quite a while but is pretty good at finding recently deleted items.
yes, i first did the quickscan and then the Thorough. nada.
i didnt have access to another computer, so i couldnt shut this one down and do the scanning from there, and i guess maosx's constant usage of harddrivespace killed my chances.
doing a content scan now.
i used to have a shareware called Rubbish installed that could solve this kind of trouble, but i forgot to reinstall it after i installed tiger.