Please Help Update my Mac 10.4.11


Good evening everyone.

I have been using an iMac Tiger 10.4.11 for the past 6 years and I would like to download the free 10.5 update. I'm having difficulty. Is there anyone that would be able to walk me through the procedure?

Many thanks!
Sorry but there is no such thing as a "Free" 10.5 update.
10.5, otherwise known as "Leopard" cost $129 when it made it's debut.
To-day it still costs between $100 - $200 on sites such as Amazon or Ebay.
Just to clarify - you can download _updates_ for 10.5 from Apple, and those are free. But, you have to _upgrade_ to 10.5 first before you can apply those _updates_.

As jbarley says - the upgrade installer for 10.5 is not free.