Please help with email solution / setup


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I feel like I should know the answer to this already but I don't (and apologies if this is on the wrong forum)¿

Is there a single mailbox solution, to which I can map multiple domains, to both send and receive? Something that will allow me to manage all mail from a single interface, ideally with an option to also use offline desktop software such as Apple Mail?

The problem I'm trying to resolve....

My current email setup is very messy because it's "evolved" rather than been planned. I have various work & personal email addresses, plus webmaster email addresses for each domain I manage. I need to be able to send and receive from each address, so forwarding to single box doesn't really work. MobileMe, Gmail, Google Apps and assorted private servers are all in the loop. It's confusing, tedious to manage and often prohibits me from actually sending an email.

I was hoping that iCloud would save me by allowing easy domain mapping, but in typical Apple style iCloud doesn't appear to cover anything beyond the standard Apple paradigm.

Thanks in advance!
In Mail with my two email accounts (in Lion 10.7.4) Mail i can just open Mail's Preferences, mini-tab 'Composing', and in that mini-tab I can select the drop-down for 'Send new messages from' and select 'Account of selected mailbox'. Is that good enough?
Thanks for the response Satcomer.

No. It doesn't really solve the problem. It still requires me to setup numerous accounts in Mail in order to use appropriate SMTP servers for each domain, and it doesn't allow me to manage multiple accounts from a single online interface.

The best solution I've found so far is to map multiple aliases to a single Google Apps account, which allows me to collect and manage emails for multiple domains. However, I have never really fallen in love with Google's interface, and would like to de-Google myself because of the increasing lack of privacy.

I was hoping to find a similar solution or provider with less of an agenda.
I setup two accounts in my Mail and just have the whole InBox highlighted in Mail to see all the new email from both accounts. Sorry I could specifically help you, please forgive me.