Please Recommend A New Browser For Old Macbook Air!


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I have to find a new (free) browser. Come April, Chrome will no longer support OS 10.6, so I can't use that. And I don't want to use Firefox because it doesn't work well on my computer for some reason (just please trust me on that - I've tried it several lags, it's slow, and it eats up RAM like crazy). I installed OmniWeb and uninstalled it in 10 minutes - hated the UI. I can't find a secure, supported version of Opera...I am all out of choices. I don't know what else to try. PLEASE HELP!!!

NOTE: I want a browser that is:
- SAFE, secure, currently supported (i.e., still getting all necessary security updates, etc.)
- doesn't track and poke their noses into browsing habits, etc.
- fast
- ad blocking/no tracking feature (or will support extensions like AdBlock)
- light on the RAM

[Macbook Air 2011 model, Snow Leopard (10.6)]

Thanks so much in advance!
Your computer supports OS X 10.7 through OSX 10.11 El Capitan (which is free). If you upgrade, then you will have more option of using any or all current OS X browsers. Is there any particular reason that you are hanging onto such an old OS?
Hi MisterMe,

Thanks for your reply. My answer is: After extensive research + reviews + Apple discussions + computer specs, RAM, disk space, etc., I have decided it's best for me to stick with Snow Leopard as it's a much better browser suited for my computer.

Btw, I found an OPERA version for Snow Leopard and have been using it constantly since my original post.......I AM LOVIN' IT. :)
Hi Delta! Yes, I checked into Roccat and iCab and they didn't make the shortlist. I don't remember why now...been researching so many browsers I lost track. They were probably either no longer supporting my OS or they were not secure to use for my OS due to lack of updates.

I am thoroughly impressed with Opera so far! I really needed something that wasn't so harsh on my RAM. Chrome and Firefox were eating up RAM like crazy and causing major lags. Haven't had that problem at all with Opera. So far, so good...and I have about 30 tabs open right now. o_O:D