Podcasting - who cares?


I'm a bit befuddled by the podcasting inclusion in iTunes/iPod. I check out the itms and wasn't impressed by anything available either. So what is the big deal here? It seems more like radio shows you can download. Am I wrong?

I don't know. I just feel like it is a whole lot of wooby-jooby about nothing.


you're right - podcasts are exactly like radio shows you can download...

to the people who like podcasts it great wooby-jooby that itunes supports them...

to the people who don't care about podcast its wooby-jooby over nothing...


I tried it, and in all honesty, I wasn't that impressed. But that's simply because the material I wanted wasn't there. I'd make my own, but it's too much for too little.

It's a nice thing for the people who like listening to somewhat late radio shows, but I'd rather buy a radio add on to listen to the radio - live - on my iPod. Sadly, that doesn't exist.


There are a FEW good podcasts you just have to look around. But the majority I've heard lack. The one's I like aren't listed in itunes. One of my favourites is Poose Radio, hilarious. Personally I prefer the ones that don't include music.


and Al Franken is there. He's cool. But... I just listen to him on the radio, anyway, on LA's KTLK AM 1150.

Eh.... whatever.

P.S. "Wooby jooby?" lol


I think Howard Stern should put his KROCK show into Podcast form!!! Even when he goes to Sirius he should podcast as well for us who can't afford Satillete radio now

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mw84 said:
The one's I like aren't listed in itunes.
From what I've read, it's possible to subscribe to podcasts from iTunes which aren't listed in the itms.

Podcasts are fantastic. Hopefully with Apple's support the number of good podcasts will increase significantly.

Has anyone figured out how adding bookmarks to podcasts works yet?



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I think it will pick up a variety of podcasts as time passes, but for now its likely to be pretty sparse. I work for IBM, and I know the developers and tech types there use Podcasts A LOT - lectures, announcements, blogs ... many are available as podcasts which is ideal for catching up on while driving to work, etc. I suspect Apple internally has a culture that probably use Podcasts, Keynote and QuickTime streaming like crazy. Even news vendors like CNN are picking up on the possibilities for Podcasts. We'll have to wait and see what this means to the general public in a couple of years though.

Still, I like the idea that in a couple of years time, I'll be driving to work and have the day's programs - which I chose for myself - playing on the car stereo.


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To sum it up: It depends on the content. I think the implementation in iTunes is a bit unclear - Apple has done better jobs with iTunes features in the past. But knowing that this _does_ take off, I think it's great that Apple has acted rather quickly.


I don't see myself ever using these things, i really don't understand why Jobs is making such a huge deal about them.

Just my opinion though; i'm sure other people will use them.

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fryke said:
To sum it up: It depends on the content. I think the implementation in iTunes is a bit unclear

I'm disappointed that it doesn't seem possible to add bookmarks directly from within iTunes, or drag and drop podcasts that I've already downloaded into the Podcast playlist, but other than that I think they've done a great job.



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My only thing is this Podcasting seems like a fad just like blogs were/are. I will hold off my judgement until I see the PodCasts are updated on a regular basis. I DO BELIEVE Podcasts will not be free (from commerical sites) for long.


No question about cost. Someone will start charging as they become more popular.

My major beef is that there doesn't seem to be any of any great interest to me. Oh well. Time will give me more choices I suppose.

Yes, wooby-jooby. Like mumbo-jumbo only with more funk.


lol.... I take it back.... I found all the KCRW shows, and because of my love for NPR, I have subscribed to those. Okay, so, not a big deal, but.... it's pretty spiffy to be able to listen to things you might have missed.


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I suppose if you're American or like American content it's ok, I can't find anything of interest to me at all, I tried the BBC one but I can't understand a word, it's all done with some speech synthesiser.

I can't even find a way of removing it! I only like the Library and my playlists being shown, not the rest of the junk.

So for me, it's of zero interest and a waste of time. Horses for courses as they say.


I agree that there should definitely be more control over the feeds once they've been downloaded. One of mine got renamed automatically to "storage" for some reason and it won't let me change it back.

P.S. I'm not American and I still found content that I was interested in. If you want news / talk, they'll most likely be better on a proper radio station. I listened to feeds on the kind of subjects that they don't normally broadcast on the radio - e.g. screenwriting and marketing (yeah, I know, boring).


I'm not American either and found interesting content.

There might not be a lot of British content up there right now but give it time - I'm sure there will be. In exactly the same way as widgets were all US-centric to begin with but now you can get localised ones...

Just because theres no British content doesn't make it uninteresting in itself - thats a bit short sighted - the fact that theres no content AT ALL that YOU find interesting makes it less appealing to YOU.

it's a bit like saying - 'I love movies, but they are all pretty much american so i dont like them and they are a waste of time for me - therefore i dont go to the cinema...'

if you truly want more british content, help yourself and try google! i just did a search for 'british podcasts' - and the first hit?