Poll: PC and/or Mac users in this forum?

Which is your OS?

  • I use Mac OS only

  • I use Windows only

  • I use both Mac OS and Windows

  • I use another OS (Linux, Unix, Win...)

  • I use all of them

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Saiyan Member
Your not using OSX yet?! Make the jump, games that play in OSX (that ive noticed) run really smooth, better than in 9. Have you even used OSX or anything? ....geezz


<------ Plans to buy iMac in a few months or next year.

I only have PowerPC Macintosh 8100/81. They won't support
Mac OS X.

But Mac OS 9 comes out last year, so it still good.
Currect softwares still supports Mca OS 9. Some software
requires G3 process that I don't have. :(
When I buy new iMac, I'll get Mac OS X.


- curiosity of what happens in another world
- heard about OS X and surfing the internet brought him/her here
- it's some kind of peep-show
- good karma


Where's your head at?
i use my pc as my main computer, for everything basically. and my pc is much stronger then any mac :rolleyes:

i use my powerbook as my 'school' computer. wireless internet = ownz. where ever i go, my powerbook goes.

and its a good thing to have both platforms, since most my classes use macs.

i want to convert to 100% mac, but i lack mac-warez-hookups.

no programs = no mac


To AdmiralAK
I do not know if emulated VMS counts. At least until recently what was left of DEC was coming up with new releases. Our last VAX died about 6 months ago.

AIX is (or was) quite proprietary for IBM RS/6000 workstations, most of which actually had POWER processors rather than PowerPC processors. (Almost but not quite the same). I haven't actually logged on in a couple of years, as we replaced most of our AIX machines with Solaris machines about 6 years ago.

The digital Unix was on alpha stations and I think VAXen, but that was a few years back in Belgium, so I do not have any screen shots. The last time I was there it may have been Tru60, but the earlier times it was just called digital unix. Its WM seemd to be emulating the VMS look and feel.

OS/32 ran on Concurrant (and earlier Perkin-Elmer) mini-computers. For the most part it was a strictly green screen OS. As far as I know they never added any windowing to it at all. OS/32 was mostly developed for data acquisition. Even the multi-hundred MHz UltraSPARCS aren't as good at taking in data and throwing it to tape.

Yu Sung


Official Mac User
I think its always good to have both, Macs and PC's at home or at work. As many people already said, there are things that can't be done [well] on Macs, and there are things, that can't be done [well] on PC's.

But imagine a world without Apple.... :eek:
I think I'd give up my job (software programmer), move to Australia and live my live there in the Outbacks. Without ever touching a PC again in my life.


I am the law!
I've got 3 computers at my desk with 4 monitors [3 17"ers and 1 21"].
To my left we have a 733Mhz PIII Dell running win2k
In the middle we have a Dual 500Mhz G4 running 10.1
and to my right we have a 600Mhz Duron running Slackware Linux

The Dell is for emergencies
The Linux box is a quake3 server

and the G4 is for making money
Most of the time I have all 4 monitors hooked to the G4 :D


Simply Daemonic
You son of a diddly gun :p
I am so envious :eek:... I wish I had some $$$ to spend on getting another, newer mac, with more monitors:rolleyes: .

I will stick with my G3 for the next 2 years he he.
I will buy no more PDAs, no more cell phones, just save really hard to get a nice mac in 2 years.

hey btw, has anyone successfully clustered 2 macs under OS X ?
I am looking into doing that:)