Poll: PC and/or Mac users in this forum?

Which is your OS?

  • I use Mac OS only

  • I use Windows only

  • I use both Mac OS and Windows

  • I use another OS (Linux, Unix, Win...)

  • I use all of them

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For months now, we can see threads and posts about the PC vs Mac debate.

I'd be curious to know how many here use Windows only, how many use Mac OS only, and how many use both (home or work), or another OS.


HampCake Studios
Yeah ..... I'm the first to vote this poll!!

I wanna tell you, people of macosx.com, only one thing:
Since I was 12, I have used only PC systems; I thought they were great, fast and well-done, but when I knew Mac ....
I bought a great PowerBook G4 2 months ago and I think it's the best computing system I have ever seen. I wanna another Mac, not this stupid PC!!!!

You're great! Thank for all the tricks you told me.

Bye and excuse me for my english.


Membrum virile
You should add categories for who uses what system voluntarily.
I have to use a $#^%@* Windoze NT4 box at work, and it sucks big-time. It's always a pure joy to get home to my iMac running OS X.1!
:D :D :D


A few months ago, I have no computer, I had to use someone's
Windows 98 computer *Yikes* But 2 month ago I finally got my
own Macintosh computer! Finally Now I hope I won't touch
Windows 98 ever again. :D
(Unless I am froced to use Windows 98 at work...)



IBM compatiables must be better because they are cheaper


Nothing makes you want to create like a Mac. Price and market share do not a great computer make.


The web was created by PeeCee inspired people.


HTML and the concept of the browser was created on a Next computer. AOL used to be Mac only!! At the start of the internet boom about half of all web sites were created on a Mac, while 9 out of 10 desktop computers were PeeCee's.


Apple stole the GUI and mouse from Xerox.


Xerox gave Apple permission to use the technology and Apple gave Xerox stock in return.


Billy Boy didn't steal anything from Steven.


Gates is a weasel.


Rusher of Din
I voted for all. At work I do system admin for both Unix and Windows servers. My desktop is NT, but I also have a G4 for support for the Mac people. I recently put OS X on it and am having a lot of fun with it. I also have a Sun Ultra 5 on my desk. At home I have a PC with 4 OSs on it, but it usually runs Win2k, a Sun Blade 100, and just ordered a G4 867 today! My home network will be fun.



Official Bartender
to have to vote 'both', but as genghiscohen rightly pointed out it's what's down to choice.

I've been a Mac evangelist for the last 8 years, and I'm proud to say that with tha advent of OSX I'm managing to convert more people than ever. BUt I have to use an NT box at work, and it sucks.

Mind you, OSX has opened up possibilities for using my Mac at work that never existed before. As soon as I get an extra network point in my office, I'm never using that piece of Dell shit again...


I voted for all, since I use linux and windows everyday, but my computers at work and at home are macs. I spent probably 95% of my time on macs now. That is probably about a 20% increase since os x came out and I stopped playing with linux.. now I only use other OSes when I have to. :cool:


Simply Daemonic
sorry if I am being repetative :p
I am in the process of watching "24" on FOX :p

I voted for all since I use about 20 different kinds of OSes on and off :p

The question should have been "what is your primary OS" ;)



I have an imac and a PC. I love my mac (running x.1), but I also have to say that I love my PC which runs win2k. There are good and bad things about both platforms... I think people who deny this are letting their bias get the better of them.

at work, its the same scenario. I have a mac (g4 running x.1) and a PC running win98. The PC there kind of sucks though... and I hate win98. win2k is so much better its not even funny.

anyway, im not here to talk about PC's... carry on.. :)


I didn't add a "Which is your primary OS" option, for this is precisely not what I'm seeking. Rather, I'm interested to see on which platform people in this forum have actual skills (whatever the degree of expertise).
Up to now, the poll shows that 60% know something about other OSs than Mac OS. This sheds another light to the voices who say e.g. that their primary OS or favorite is Mac OS X. To take a metaphor: you can say that your car is the best, but what's your merit if you know little or nothing of other cars?


Simply Daemonic
hmmmm in that case let me expand on what I;ve used, am using :p

MacOS 6.0.8 to X
Windows 3.1 to 9x and NT5
BeOS 3 to 5
NewtonOS 2.0 and 2.1
PalmOS 3.0
Rhapsody DR2
OS/2 ver 3 & ver 4
AmigaOS 1.2 to 3.5
Atari TOS 1.x to 2.xx
Solaris 7 & 8
Sun OS 5.6x
DOS 3.3 on Apple
DOS on x86
IIgs OS sys 6
NetBSD (1.5?)
OpenBSD (2.5?)
SuSE linux 7.1
Red Hat Linux 7.0( or is it 6.0 )

Hmmm I think that covers pretty much it for now :p
No wonder I am suffering from multiple OS identity :p




AdmiralAK, you're a living example of OS addiction, the kind that leads to schizophrenia! Do you have some time left for women?

OOps, sorry to be so intrusive. Actually the poll confirms my hypothesis: a vast majority of Mac users (here) are really skilled and open minded, even if they say they like Mac OS better (see other poll).


Simply Daemonic
lol :D
And to think that I have x86 OSes *yet* to be installed and experimented on :p

I did have a girlfriend but lets just say I let her go (*&&^*&^ --> insert expatives :p)

Currently single...looking for something better ... Lets just say the software in my X was...buggy :p



I use both. I have used Win 95-XP. By far XP is the best of 95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000. I have been using a pc since windows for workgroups 3.11 in my computer tech class I was in for 2 years back in 1993-1995.

I use Windows mostly to be honest. Reason is cus I am a gamer and use the news groups a lot. The mac doesn't play games that I like and it doesn't have a good news group client application. They all suck!! Newswatcher etc are horrific in my opinion. The news group reader apps on the pc kick ass over anything on the mac. I play Highheat baseball 2k2 in windows 2000 and it's not available on mac. Return to castle wolfenstein right now sucks on my mac but plays awesome on the pc. partly cus the pc is way more powerfull, 1.33ghz and a GF2 pro card etc. Mac is a dual g4/450 with default shitty ass ati vid card.

anyway as i am gamer and news group guy, i use windows xp. when i use the mac i use it mainly for mp3 burning. itunes is so much easier then anything on pc. i love it. i download songs from www.mp3.com independant artists and then make audio cd's. all on my mac. in os 9 by the way. i haven't tried it in 10.1 yet.

for me it's pc only for the most part cus of games and news group. if the mac did what i want, I'd never touch windows. I prefer mac all the way. but the games i play aren't on mac nor are any good news apps.

i also think mac os 10 to be as good as I'd like, it's got 12 - 36 more months, aka 1-3 years. it's missing so many pieces and performance is great, but should be way better in tons of areas.

anyhow i prefer mac but use windows cus of games and news.


Most here are either very young or has somewhat limited OS experience. Let's see; I have used/have had to use:

Mac OS 3.2 - X.1
Windows 2.0,3.1,3.11, 9x,NT4
Solaris (2.5-8)
OS/32 (not a typo and not OS/2)
various Linuces (including red hat and yellow dog)
Digtal Unix
Apple ][

It is interesting that no one has mentioned VMS since the great VMS vs Unix wars were the first major OS wars. (also windows NT is supposedly largely based on VMS). The last 5 I mentioned are completely obsolete ( but stll useful for comparisons.) No Unix or windows system comes close to the stability of the old Burroughs systems or VM/CMS yet.

Yu Sung


I have been used almost all of OS. I love Mac, and Apple II. They are greatest computer in the world! I think Windows 3.x-Me are lousey machine I ever seen! In my opinon the best OS from top to bottom:

1. Mac OS 9.x (They rock! I love Macs!!!!!!!!)
2. Red Hat Linux 7.1
3. Tandy MS-DOS 2.11 with Personal DeskMate 2
4. Windows 3.1 with MS-DOS 6.22
5. Windows 95 and 98
6. Windows ME (Microsoft has "no-reason-to-release" Windows ME! They just want money!)

I think Windows 95/98 is wroser than Windows 3.1. The reason I put Windows ME on number 6 becasue nothing new on it...All it does
* Slow down your computer
* Eat up your hard drive
I am going to stay with Mac computers until Apple out of bussiness.
I'll not buy Windows comptuer ever again!


Thinking Different
I use Windows XP and Mac OS 9.2/10.1. My desktop is a PC and my laptop is an iBook. So I get the best of both worlds. I like Mac OS better since it is easier to use and doesn't lock up or do something it is not supposed to.

I also have an emate running Newton OS 2.1, a PocketPC with PPC OS 2000, and a SPARCStation 10 with Solaris 7 to play around with.

I am waiting for my chance to get a copy of NeXTSTEP or OpenStep for intel to run under VPC!!


Simply Daemonic
Does VMS by emulation or via telnet count ?? :p
I dabbled somewhat with VMS on an emulator, and some via my school's archaic VAX mail system :p

I have copies of windows 1.0 and 2.0.3 but havent even tried to install them on VPC... maybe I should.

I also have
* Plan 9 & Inferno
* AtheOS
* Minix
* V2_OS (very cripled OS.. must be a hobby thing :p)
* Chaos
* Oberon

which I have not installed yet :p

I have QNX 4 but never installed it.
I have QNX 6 installed,
as well as floppies with CP/M x86 and DCP

AtheOS seems to have probs with VPC memory management or something. Oberon I installed once.. but I was having some probs so I deleted the virtual HD. Chaos I dont know if its installable yet, V2_OS comes on a basic floppy, major updates in A LONG time.

C64 I;ve used only via emulator :p

I want to play more with OSes but I dont have time though :p

I would like to use AIX (do u have any copies of it ?:p) but I think it runs only on PPC IBMs...right?

Digital Unix (aka Tru64 ?) runs only on Alphas AFAIK... what kind of WM does it use? any screenshots you can provide ? (for my collection)

What is OS/32 ? Elaborate (any screenshots?)

I have IRIX, but no SGI to run it on, so its just here for my OS collection :p



Membrum virile
TRS/DOS! Now there's a blast from the past. I did learn a little of it once upon a time, but not enough to really say I "used" the OS. I remember those "TRaSh" computers mainly as the first ones I didn't have to go to a special "computer lab" to use.