Port Forwarding With a Mac


Hi all,

Thank you first of all to the Admins here for keeping up the good work with the patience of saints looking after people like me!

I have recently moved to Spain where I am using my girlfriends Mac (IBook) to connect to our recently set up wireless internet. The trouble is (and I have had experience with port forwarding before on my PC) the router I have is Telefonica's own (and therefore can't get much help on www.portforward.com) and I have no knowledge of how to fiddle with the ports without using Telnet on a PC.

My Spanish is not nearly good enough to tussle with the (notoriously difficult) Telefonica engineers to find out either.

Can you please help?

P.S. I am going to be mainly forwarding ports initially for edonkey2000.

Many Thanks.
So... what kind of wireless router is it? It's kind of hard to tell you where to go in the router to forward ports if we don't know what kind of router you have.

Usually routers have a web-based interface that you can use to adjust router settings. Mine is, and I just hit that up in a web browser and enter my credentials to adjust anything to my liking. Others can be or just about anything -- but it's impossible to tell without knowing what router it is.
Well unfortunately that´s the problem, it doesn´t have any kind of model number at all other than the fact it´s made by Telefonica. However, I have since managed to get into the router by typing in it´s IP address and guessing the username and password.

Once in though, I have struggled to find an area where I can forward the ports. I am attaching a few pictures of the screens displayed for the router in the hope that one of you may spot something I haven´t and direct me in the correct way.

Many thanks for the replies as I am a recent Mac convert and am only used to doing port forwarding with a CLI and telnet.

Screen Images:

Thanks all.
"I have since managed to get into the router by typing in it´s IP address and guessing the username and password."

First: Change the password to something NO-one can guess but you can remember. Seriously.