portable iMac G5 20"


Is there a way to make it portable (well kinda portable) and take it with you any place u go just like a powerbook? Well like having a bigger carrier bag from the laptop and put it on your shoulders and move around? Kinky? (yes i know the weight is 10Kg)
As long as you can supply the required power to the computer, it's completely feasible. Nobody has an all-in-one solution for it yet, but with a simple power inverter, you could run it just about anywhere from DC or AC power. Battery packs that supply 110v are available, and then a DC-to-AC inverter would allow the iMac to run off of the battery.
battery is not what i had in mind when i said about portable, a carrying solutions was what i had in mind! how do i carry that 10kgr MAC around where do i put it in? and also is the base that holds it dispachable?
the foot is attached completly to the back panel. not easily seperable. the back panel comes off reasonably easy for maintainance, although this isn't really a feasable plan. it was never designed to be portable...