Portfolio 4


I need some assistance and was wondering if you could help. I have over 100 000 digital images on my Mac, and am running Portfolio 4, but have hit a snag. I ran out of hard drive space, and had a bigger hard drive installed, however, when the technician working on the system copied the database over onto the new hard drive, we seemed to loose the paths of the images. I am able to view the thumbnails, but as soon as I try viewing them full screen, a message pops up telling me that the image cannot be found. Is there a way of recovering the paths, or do I have to redo the entire database. I would appreciate any assistance you are able to give.



U.S.D.A. Prime
You could try and reconstruct the old file hierarchy on the new drive, right down to the drive name and folder placement.

What is the old path to the file, and what is the new path to the file?