Post Tiger Install-DVD Superdrive no more



The Superdrive (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103) appears to be no longer recognized. The eject button on the keyboard works, but inserting any kind of disc results in...well...nothing.

Listening closely, it sounds like the drive head (or laser arm or whatever the read component is) is periodically moving around trying but failing to find anything to read.

No CD/DVD icon appears on the desktop anymore. This seems to have happened after installing Tiger (I've installed the update as well), but it could just be a coincidence as it seems to my non-hardware-oriented self like it's probably a drive failure.

The mac is a few years old (Dual Proc 800mhz G4) but hasn't been used consistently, so I'm a bit disappointed it would fail after relatively little usage.

SO: 1) is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this thing?
2) if a failure, can someone suggest a reliable replacement and vendor?

Appreciate any and all help!

I would try several checks:
insert a standard music CD, which should cause iTunes to launch, and the CD should begin to play, or at least look like it's playing. You can also eject a CD from the iTunes window.
Insert a commercial DVD movie. This should launch your DVD Player, and start showing the movie.
Try to boot from your Panther installer CD disk 1.
If all of these checks work, then your drive is probably OK, and your software may need some other attention.
If none of these checks work, then your drive has probably failed
Appreciate the suggestions - I have tried everything except Panther, which I never had - went to Tiger from whatever animal was before Panther. But I did try the Tiger disk as well as music, dvd, etc...and - well, I'm guessing failure...

Guess I'll go search for likely replacements~

Thanks again~
For a reliable vendor I would suggest Other World Computing..Befor that I would download PatchBurn and install..It cant do any harm..