Postfix Enabler Problem



Here is the situation. We are a small design agency and what I am trying to do is set up email to everyones individual machines.

At the moment we can send from our machines but all the replies come in to one place.

What we want to do is to send and receive correctly addressed emails to each individuals machines.

e.g. I want to send an email from my account ( and then any replies to that I want to come on to my machine, but if there are any other mails I want those ignored. (Hope this makes sense!)

Now, we have a server, but it's only running Tiger 10.4 NOT server. I have used Postfix Enabler to try and set the up but it's proving to not send the emails on.

It receives them but when I try and connect using my external computer, even if the messages are there, I don't get anything on my machine.

I know this is REALLY weak but I now absolutely NOTHING about SMTP/POP3 etc, and it'd be really handy if someone could help point out some obvious flaws! (I'm sure there will be many!)

We have followed the instructions that came with Postfix, but it just doesn't seem to work, but it also looks like we are NEARLY there!