Posting to a forum - I get three posts!


Not sure if it's Apple software or the phpBB causing the problem.

I post to many forums, this one included. And I do it from many machines and locations.

But ONLY from my MacBook Pro, bought in January, running OS 10.8.2 and ONLY posting to a particular phpBB forum v.3.0.11 I find that my posts appear three or four times.

Not all the multiple posts appear at once, but over a few seconds and up to a minute, there are sometimes other posts from other people between them.

I don't have this problem from the laptop on any other forum, or from other computers to the phpBB forum.

We are all puzzled. Any ideas?
Only on one phpBB forum? Or have you tried on other phpBB with the same version of phpBB?

Have you logged out from that forum where it's happening? Log out, clean the caches (and maybe even cookies and history if you don't mind), log back in. Does it still happen?

What browser are you using on that Mac? Safari? Firefox? Does it happen on ALL the browsers?
If you've used only one, try with some other - Firefox, Safari, Camino, Opera...
Good point. I've only tried with Safari. I would have expected the caches to be empty as it's brand new computer and it happened the first time I went to that forum.

I check with Firefox etc. haven't downloaded it yet...
Well almost a day later and a few posts on that forum, I have only had one triple post using Safari. I have also tried posting from Firefox and had no problems. But time will tell.

I don't post on enough forums to be able to find another phpBB 3.0.11. I use a couple of phpBB v2 forums with no problem and also some other forums with different software. Again no problem.

It's not an instant 3 post. The posts take anything from instant, to about a minute to appear. And not all at once. Recently I saw three posts and deleted two. Then a fourth one appeared....

Next time it happens, I'll see if I can understand anything in Console to see if there is more than one transmission.

The only real difference between the laptop and the desktop is Mountain Lion v Lion and trackpad v mouse.
Also with Safari (at Least in 10.8.x) you can clear or disable cache in the Devolpe menu you can show in Safari's Preferences. This is just info if you need it to clear cache in Safari.
Thanks! I've added the Develop menu.

Next time it happens, I'll check this and the error console.

While browsing the Safari Pref, I noticed that Java was turned on. I've unticked it. I didn't check that when I started up the computer for the first time. I believed that Apple turned it off by default and I haven't knowingly turned Java on.