Power Mac G5 Internal Hard Drive Question


Is there anyway to add an internal hard drive to a Power Mac G5 that was pulled from a PC and used a ribbon cable? The plugs don't seem to match up with the ones in the available slot in the G5.

If not, would an iMac G3 support a second drive (IDE) in it or is there only room for one drive?

Note: I tried to use the search but it doesn't seem to be working ATM.


The standard hard drive connection in your G5 tower is SATA (or serial ATA), the hard drive out of the PC, if it is different, will be ATA, or some call it Parallel ATA. You can get adapters to add that drive to the G5, but it can't connect through the normal connections included in the G5.

The G3 iMac has room for only one hard drive (and will not recognize a second drive unless you disconnect the CD drive.)