Power PC Executeable? - USB modem firmware


Hello everyone.

I have this modem for my Powerbook. I have been using it before with an iBook, recently updated computers and working to get it set up again.

The software I need to drive it is available here.


When I unzip it, I have a few files.


The instructions say to...

- Connect the USB modem to the PC
- Double click the AH_F401U_UP_X file
- The Firmware upload will launch, follow onscreen instructions
- After installation remove the modem from the USB port one time.

My question is, when I double click the AH_F401U_UP_X file, OSX asks me which application I want to use to open this file. Nothing defined.

When I look at it from the command line I see
96:~/Desktop harveybeasley$ file AH_F401U_UP_X
AH_F401U_UP_X: header for PowerPC PEF executable
96:~/Desktop harveybeasley$

But, I'm not sure how to execute it.

Any help appreciated!

BTW, running 10.4!
You may want to try downloading that file again. It opens fine for me, but I don't have the hardware. Be sure you are not trying to open the AHF_FRMX.1 file, as it is useless. Check get info for the AH_F401U_UP_X You should see that is is an application, and not a document.

Hope this helps...
You were able to excute the file

AH_F401U_UP_X from,
http://www.fmworld.net/product/phone/ah-f401u/images/AHF_FRMX.zip ?

Strange, I downloaded again, the icon shows as a "Terminal" looking image, but when I double click, OSX doesn't know what to do with it.

What launches when you double click that file?

I could I ask you to email me the file you have?? :)
harveybeasley At linuxmail.org

Also when you unzip did you have 2 directories?

One called __MACOSX... which leads to a dead end, and one called AHF_FRMX which has the 2 files, the executeable and the readme.txt?

I wonder why this is giving me trouble...
Hey guys nevermind, I got it! THat was weird. I went back to the page another time, downloaded, and it seemed I got a totally different package... THis one works fine.

Maybe I was some how hitting the wrong link the first time.

Anyway, all good now and I'm modem-ing away!